Median Home Price Is $188K In The U.S. – NOT In Orange County or Costa Mesa, California.


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Median Home Price Is $188K In The U.S. – NOT In Orange County or Costa Mesa, California.

Here’s What That Actually Buys You in Orange County….A condo that you dont actually own…

Around the corner from my home in Costa Mesa, there is Condos called the South Coast springs that are land leased. The HOA actually owns the land however there is still a land lease in place owed to the association in the form of $1 per year. To get rid of the land lease would require every owner, and their banks, to draw up new title, an expensive process. So its possible to purchase/lease a home in Orange County for 188K, but most homes in Orange County on Average is going to be about 500K and up. Why is the price in Orange County so much higher? Well for one, Median housing prices surged 25 percent in Orange County in 2013. The median selling price in Orange County has been 570K in 2014. In orange county, baby boomers value real estate much higher than their offspring, especially in communities with Good schools, close to plenty of shopping, health care facilities, etc. Buyers are snapping homes off the market nearly twice as fast as a year ago.

A little bit about Orange County.. Orange County is located in Southern California between the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego. It is the sixth most populous county in the entire United States while covering the smallest area compared to other counties in Southern California. This results in smaller homes, little yard space and tightly packed cities, one right next to the other. According to Trendgraphix, there are currently 6,285 homes for sale in Orange County, the average days on market for a home is 61, and the average sales price now is $680,000 in March of 2014.

At the same time, as long as Orange County remains a desirable place to live and work, strong demand to live here could continue to drive home prices and sales up.

If you would like to know more about Orange County, and Costa Mesa, please feel free to call me, I am realtor in town and know Orange County in and out.

If you would like to here more about discounted properties in Orange County, I keep an updated list of properties on my 24 hour free recorded line. Please call 1-800-404-7081 x1044

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Online Management Plan And Why Every Business Should Outsource


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Why Every Business Should Outsource their Online Management Plan??

Online business management is one of the most challenging and it demands plenty of knowledge and experience. Without a clear online management plan, a business can never succeed online. This goes in line with the saying “Failing to plan means planning to fail”. Therefore, to succeed in online marketing every online business should apply the right strategies and this is only achievable through outsourcing.

There are various reasons as to why it is necessary to outsource your online management plan. These include;

  1. Experience and knowledge from the experts- small and medium sized businesses lack the technical personnel and experts in online management and it is expensive to build an in-house team. They can therefore benefit immensely by outsourcing this service from well experienced and knowledgeable experts who offer affordable services.
  2.  Reduced expenses- most businesses outsource some services so as to save on costs. This also applies to online management plan. It is much cheaper to outsource the service than establish own online management planning committee. It is also expensive to train staff on the preparation of an online management plan.
  3. Narrow the business focus- after outsourcing the service, the business will be able to focus on its key objectives and plans. This will improve the general productivity and project turn-around rate. This ultimately leads to a good reputation since client expectations are not only met but are exceeded.
  4. Curbing risk- outsourcing online business management plans are very essential in averting business risk. As a small business expands, the business activities expand and without a proper plan in place, the management may not be able to curb risks. When an online management plan expert is hired, they will be able to forsee risks and suggest the ideal risk management strategies to be put in place.
  5. Unsatisfied needs- a small or a medium size entity may be looking for what they are unbale to get locally. The best way to get this is to outsource this service. Online management planning is an expensive exercise and thus requires skill and experience which is unavailable to a small or medium business. They can therefore get the service by outsourcing.

A comprehensive online management plan is essential for the success in online marketing. The diverse strategies available in online marketing require skill and experience without which an online business may not get the best out of it. Some of the campaign tools available in online marketing include article submission in various sites, video marketing, blogging, social media marketing, use of digital newsletters, and many others. These can be combined with conventional marketing strategies such as radio adverts, postcard marketing, television ads, magazines, direct mailing, and many others. On their own, conventional methods do not deliver quality results the way they used to a few years back.

By outsourcing your online management plan, your business will be able to boost its profits through the generation of traffic to your website. An expert will be in a better position of applying all the online marketing strategies possible and guarantee business success.


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Customer Relationship Management CRM is Important To Your Marketing Plan

There are immense benefits associated with an online management plan. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is just a part of this plan and is highly essential for business success in online marketing.

Simply put, CRM is a collective term that refers to methodologies, software, and other internet capabilities that are used in managing customer relationships. It mainly entails the storage of customer data in a sytem that is accessible to salespeople, the management, providers of services, or even the customers themselves. This information relate to customer relationship to the business. CRM came in as a result of advancement in mordern technology and the advent of e-commerce. This resulted in the emergence of a totally different kind of consumer referred to as the e-consumer. This is the type that expects an access to the company through websites, emails, call centers, and faxes. It is the kind that demands prompt responses to his or her inquiries. Conventional marketing strategies did not cater for such demands. This is only possible through CRM that is taken into account when preparing an online management plan.

Any online business irrespective of size can benefit immensely by including CRM in its online management plan. It enables businesses to better understand its customer wants and needs. They can also make use of customer’s complaints, buying histories, tastes and preferences, and other vital information. These can be used in predicting what customers will want. They can also be used to build customer loyalty.

Other benefits of CRM include the following;

  1. It increases work efficiency.
  2. Facilitates a prompt response to customer questions and inquiries.
  3. It boosts a one-on-one contact with customers.
  4. It leads to the invention of better products and services since customer feedbacks and complaints are taken into account.
  5. Enables a business have deeper understanding of its customers.
  6. It brings in diverse marketing and cross-selling opportunities.
  7. The business is able to obtain information that can be shared with the firm’s business partners.

An online management expert is in a better position of guiding your business on the right strategies to be put in place so as to be successful in online marketing. They will prepare a comprehensive online management plan for your business and ensure its proper implementation. They are conversant with all aspects of online marketing and will therefore tailor-make the management system to suit the business.

One of the main factors that affect the management system required by a business is the size of business. The kind of promotional method (s) to be put in place will also affect the management plan to be put in place. The system ideal for small businesses will not be the same with that for enterpreneurs or any other business. An online marketing company or expert understands well the different needs of various businesses and will therefore give the best advice on what to include and exclude. Customer Relationship Management is just but a tiny part of the strategies taken into account by these experts when preparing the online management plan for your business. You will benefit wholesomely from their services.



Time for Marketing Automation

Marketo – A Pretty Good CRM That I Have Worked With – Marketing automation is the technology that allows companies to streamline,


There is a fierce challenge today with many companies to align their people, process and tools to achieve their digital marketing goals to contribute towards company revenue growth through online sales and enhancing brand loyalty.  Before I proceed further let me ask you how many of you are involved with any of the activities mentioned below for your company.

  • Email Marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead management
  • CRM integration
  • Social Media marketing
  • Marketing Resource management
  • Marketing Programs
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing ROI analysis

If your answer to any of the task above is yes then my next question would be how do you manage such tasks. Do you have multiple software in each category to do the job or do you have a set of tools and in-house custom built solutions to manage all these tasks? This can prove a daunting task for your digital marketers to…

View original post 301 more words Offers Free Consultations To Self-Employed Business Owners Looking To Introduce New Products to Market Fast!


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Understanding that most small business owners, have a limited budget to introduce new products to market, Jamar James assist in quickly enhancing a company profile online, generating more buzz and exposure in record times. Statistics show that 85% of consumers judge businesses by their online presence.

COSTA MESA, CA (November 16, 2013) – Jamar James, Your Online Business Partner and consultant provides startup and marketing counseling services to entrepreneur business owners. was founded by Jamar James as a one-stop shop for business owners to become empowered with the tools and training they need to achieve success in their business online.

Jamar James Focus On All Aspects Of Your Business, With An Emphasis On Generating Greater Profits from your Online Marketing Efforts.
Jamar James, aka “Mr.” is founder of He is a dynamic fix-it consultant and well respected by self-employed entrepreneurs. Jamar James is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully owned multiple companies by the age of 30. Jamar James currently 37, actively owns a boutique Online Business Consulting Company in Costa Mesa, California. Also a active technology consultant for top pharmaceuticals companies in Southern California, Jamar James, helps establish loyalty reward programs for larger corporations. Jamar James, a former United States Marine, and holder of a Computer Science Degree, has been helping small medium size companies grow their business through Through Online Image Partner, Jamar James has been effectively able to manage the marketing of over 100 companies and knows what online marketing to solutions to implement based on industry research. His firm focuses on helping individuals start their own business or grow an existing business through extremely effective marketing methods proven to generate more for clients, that utilize his customized marketing solutions.
Back in 1998 Jamar James started in the consulting business helping fortune 500 companies as a System Analyst, analyzing technology utilized and the most effective business methods of large corporate environments. Jamar has been able to take this knowledge and apply it to hundreds of entrepreneurs looking to expand in their business. Jamar found the vast majority of business consultants and coaches spoke theory, with no real-world experience of what works and what doesn’t (as he had) to back it up. A serial entrepreneur himself, and owner of a company that tracks the success of a variety of different business’s marketing, Jamar performs from experience, past results and not simply theory.
He is most well-known for his ability to directly identify the most effective and fastest way to generate more business for his clients. Jamar is able show and produce results for his clients often at record speed. Jamar motivates by producing and his reference in what works, is based on real life results.
Unlike most marketing consultants Jamar doesn’t host several pre-recorded webinars or telephone seminars designed to motivate, Jamar works directly with entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level with “Customize Plans” designed strictly for the client needs. Jamar simply explains how to generate revenue through utilization of technology, proven marketing methods, and sound business management principles.
Once you become a client, you will be interviewed, asked to answer a few questions and then simply watch how fast Jamar will be able to implement a plan designed to get you results within 30 days.
Call Today to Book Jamar James by calling Toll Free: 1-800-965-1572.
Jamar James is a Top Fortune 500 consultant offering his services to a variety of industries. He has been and still is, a consultant for recognizable companies such as Allergan, BestBuy, Black and Decker and a variety of successful self-employed high profile clients. Additionally Jamar James has held multiple technical marketing positions in the online arena. He started Online Image Partner after selling ItrackBiz and relocating to California . Jamar James works for Online Image Partner, as a freelance consultant on an as needed basis.

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